(DCP Master) provides the following services to you (User) subject to the following Terms of Service (Terms), which may be updated by DCP Master from time to time without notice to User. The most current versions of which will always be available on our website at:

By placing an order with DCP Master, User accepts and agrees to be bound by the terms and provisions of these Terms. If you have any questions or concerns about any of these terms, please don’t hesitate to contact us prior to placing an order.

  1.  Payment
    All orders must be paid in full before any material will be released.
  2. Shipping
    Posted Rates do not include shipping.
  3. Turnaround
    Turnaround times are calculated from receipt of all required master material until the finished material(s) are ready to ship to User. Shipping time will vary depending on shipping method(s) selected and delivery location(s). Due to high workload volumes during certain peak times of year, our turnaround times may vary. During certain periods Rush and Emergency expedited turnaround may not be available. Current turnaround times will be updated on the website as soon as possible, but are not binding until confirmed in writing by a member of the DCP Master sales staff.

    Current Turnaround Times
    Standard: 6 Business Days
    Rush: 3 Business Days
    Emergency: ASAP
    (Minimum time depends on length and complexity of project)
  4. Content Storage
    DCP Master may store copies of original materials, intermediate work-product, or final masters on-site to enable provision of additional services in the future. Upon completion of order, User can request at any time that any such material be destroyed. After one year, additional storage fees may apply if User wishes us to keep their packages securely stored. Unless User has specifically purchased an archival storage option, such storage of material is not guaranteed – nor is there any warrant or guarantee against data loss due to hardware failure, staff error, change in business policy, or any other act which may cause such materials to be directly or indirectly deleted, destroyed, or otherwise made inaccessible.
  5. Copyright
    DCP Master will only work on material if we have a full, good faith, belief that User has, or has obtained, all necessary rights for the mastering, duplication, encryption or de-encryption, and exhibition of the materials in question. DCP Master may require User to provide additional backup material, and/or written warrants as to their rights and interests in a project prior to starting, or releasing, work. DCP Master reserves the right to refuse or cancel any project, upon a full refund and return of any materials, at any time, for any reason.
  6. Adult Content
    If Users content contains pornographic or other adult images or themes, additional terms or restrictions may apply. Please contact DCP Master for more information.
  7. Cancellation
    Upon placement of an order by User, but prior to DCP Master receipt of all necessary material(s), orders are subject to a 20% cancellation fee. After receipt of all necessary material(s) orders cannot be cancelled.
  8. Guarantees / Refunds
    DCP Master warrants that all DCPs created by us shall be fully DCI compliant and are 100% guaranteed to ingest and playback on any modern DCI compatible Digital Cinema Media Server. Refunds or exchanges can only be issued in cases where DCP Master error or oversight has led to a package being non-compliant, and upon return of any such materials to us for further inspection. Due to the nature of our services we can not offer any refunds or exchanges due to change in exhibition plans, errors in originating master material(s), damage due to mishandling or misuse of material(s) by User or third-party exhibition venues, future equipment or DCP specification changes, incorrect encryption information being provided by User or third-party exhibition venues, physical damage to media or equipment incurred during shipping, or any other issue not under the control of DCP Master.


These terms were last updated 08/03/2016